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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

Introducing Clear Corrugated PVC Roofing Sheets

Our transparent corrugated PVC roofing sheets are the ultimate low-maintenance solution to safeguard your structures from rainwater while providing lasting durability. Engineered with corrugated channels for efficient water runoff, these sheets can be pitched to deliver year-round protection from the elements. They present a modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional tiles and glass, making them versatile for a multitude of applications. Home and garden projects of all kinds find these sheets invaluable. Whether it's lean-tos, conservatories, sheds, or numerous other structures, clear corrugated PVC roofing sheets are an ideal choice.

The strength of these sheets lies in their lightweight and clear design, fortified by the corrugated pattern, ensuring they won't break and can withstand all types of weather throughout the year.

For a resilient roofing material with exceptional strength and adaptability, we highly recommend this product range. Its impact-resistant properties allow it to endure a wide range of environmental conditions.

For your convenience, we maintain stock of corrugated flashings and fixings tailored to both our 3" and 6" profiles, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards. Our sheets are available in various thicknesses and lengths, with easy-to-follow installation instructions available upon request.

Low Maintenance Clear Corrugated PVC Roofing Sheet

Effortlessly installed, our lightweight and low-maintenance clear corrugated PVC sheets are the go-to cost-effective roofing material for an increasing number of customers. They can be easily processed with basic hand tools, shaped to fit any requirement, and require no special treatment other than regular cleaning.

This range includes corrugated PVC roofing sheets in lengths ranging from 6ft to 12ft, with various profile options:

  • 3" Clear PVC

  • Big 6 Corrugated Roof Sheet PVC

  • Box Profile Corrugated Roof Sheet PVC

  • Mini Corrugated Roof Sheet PVC


Invest in our cost-effective corrugated PVC sheets for optimal performance and a visually appealing finish. It's one of the fastest-selling roofing sheet products in the market due to its remarkable versatility across a wide spectrum of applications.

Our range includes various options:

  • Clear, Opal, and Bronze Twin Wall

  • Clear, Opal, and Bronze Triple Wall

  • Clear, Opal, and Bronze Multi Wall

  • Bronze on Opal Multi Wall

  • Heatguard Multi Wall


For superior performance and aesthetics, invest in our affordable polycarbonate roofing sheets, recognized as one of the most versatile roofing solutions available, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Product Benefits

Manufactured by Palram, a global leader in heavy-duty corrugated plastics, our corrugated sheets are designed to meet diverse domestic needs. Key benefits include:

  • Exceptional durability

  • Weatherproof

  • UV stable, ensuring no discoloration in the sun

  • Resistant to extreme temperatures

  • High light transmission due to the clear design

  • Lightweight

  • Easily moldable

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Low maintenance


These sheets are suitable for various roofing projects, such as sunrooms, conservatories, extensions, sheds, greenhouses, carports, and swimming pools, providing thermal insulation to help maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce heating costs. They also offer soundproofing properties.

We recommend these sheets if you seek a lightweight roofing material that's easier to install than traditional alternatives, safer to handle than glass and tiles, and adaptable to numerous applications. This product range not only offers excellent optical properties but also aesthetic appeal.

We keep a substantial stock of sheets to accommodate orders of all sizes. When placing your order, simply use the product page's dropdown menu to select the desired size and quantity.

Why Choose Us for Corrugated Roof Sheets?

We've curated our sheet range to offer exceptional value for money and long-lasting performance. Each product provides a robust roofing solution designed to withstand the unpredictable British weather. Maintaining the sheets is a breeze – simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Our track record in supplying corrugated PVC sheets speaks for itself. With satisfied customers across the UK, we provide excellent customer service and outstanding products. Serving homeowners and trades nationwide for over a decade, we're committed to delivering robust, cost-effective roofing solutions.

When you order from us, you can expect prompt service. We dispatch daily and deliver to mainland UK customers within 1 to 3 working days. In addition to swift delivery, you'll benefit from durable products at competitive prices.


Our customer service team is here to assist you. We offer industry-leading, free technical advice, recommended for those uncertain about which product in our corrugated range suits their project best. We aim to save you time and money by ensuring you purchase the right material for your needs. For professional support, contact us online or call our customer care team.

We compare our sheet prices against competitors daily. Our Price Promise Guarantee ensures that if you find the same corrugated PVC sheet cheaper anywhere else online, we'll match that price. We're fully dedicated to ensuring your customer experience with us is outstanding. With substantial stocks of corrugated sheets, a commitment to quality, and market-leading products, we excel on every front.

Explore our range of Corrugated PVC Sheets and discover how low-cost, durable plastic roofing can simplify your next project.

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