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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics

Our customer support is second to none


Introducing the Evolution Canopy System: Modern and Hassle-Free

At our establishment, we offer a wide array of canopy systems tailored to your specific requirements and style preferences. The Evolution Canopy System is a testament to strength and contemporary design, combining a straightforward installation process for creating robust canopies that are more accessible than ever before.

3.0m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

3.0m Width Evolution Canopy System

5.0m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

5.0m Width Evolution Canopy System

3.5m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

3.5m Width Evolution Canopy System

2.5m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

2.5m Width Evolution Canopy System

4.0m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

4.0m Width Evolution Canopy System

4.5m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

4.5m Width Evolution Canopy System

5.5m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

5.5m Width Evolution Canopy System

6.0m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

6.0m Width Evolution Canopy System

7.0m Width Evolution Canopy System.jpg

7.0m Width Evolution Canopy System

Whether you're looking to enhance your commercial space, home, or embark on a DIY project like carports and patio covers, our Evolution Canopies are a perfect choice. Crafted from durable powder-coated aluminum, they are available in three attractive colors: White, Brown, and Anthracite Grey. These canopies not only promise longevity but also demand minimal maintenance. No matter the size or style you choose, our modular kits include all the necessary fixings and sealants for a standard installation, alongside a comprehensive fitting guide.

Our canopies are glazed with 16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate, available in Clear, Bronze, or Opal Tints. The Eave Beams serve a dual purpose by functioning as box-shaped gutters, utilizing the support posts as downpipes to effectively divert rainwater away from your property.

Key Advantages of the Evolution Canopy System:

  1. Versatile Roof Pitch Compatibility: Supports pitches ranging from 5° to 20°.

  2. Enhanced Strength and Durability: Built to withstand the elements.

  3. Modular Kit Format: All-inclusive with fixings, sealants, and a fitting guide.

  4. UV Protection: Shields against harmful sun rays.

  5. Weather and Water-Proofing: Designed to keep you dry and secure.

  6. Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup.

The Significance of Premium White Fascia Board

The Evolution Canopy System represents a simplified approach to modern, functional design, eliminating the complexities associated with installation. Beyond its convenience, this system excels in structural performance, making it a versatile choice for various applications, including carports, covered seating areas, porches, patios, walkways, and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Evolution Canopy System?

As a market-leading supplier of uPVC roofline products with a strong track record in plastic building supplies, our reputation is synonymous with quality and value. We cater to a wide customer base, serving businesses, contractors, and homeowners alike.

Our roofline range not only provides practical solutions but also elevates the aesthetics of your property's exterior. Crafted from the finest uPVC, our white fascia is a durable alternative to the high-maintenance wood.

Ordering is a breeze through our 24/7 online platform. You can browse our selection of white fascia boards at your convenience, selecting your desired product, size, and quantity. Payments can be made securely via PayPal, credit, or debit card.

Rest assured, our extensive distribution network ensures swift and punctual delivery of your orders, with a target delivery window of 1 to 3 days.

If you have any questions or require technical guidance, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our instant messaging service and email support are at your disposal, and we take pride in matching the quality of our products with exceptional customer service.

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