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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

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On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

Low Maintenance Solid Polycarbonate Sheet - A Practical and Durable Glass Alternative

Our Low Maintenance Solid Polycarbonate Sheet offers a lightweight and user-friendly alternative to traditional glass, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It combines cost-effectiveness with ease of installation, whether you're using simple hand tools or more specialized machinery. In addition to its practicality, this material boasts a versatile aesthetic that complements various settings.

2mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate.jpg

2mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate

3mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate.jpg

3mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate

4mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate.jpg

4mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate

5mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate.jpg

5mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate

6mm Clear Acrylic Solid Polycarbonate.jpg

6mm Clear Acrylic Solid Polycarbonate

This product range includes solid polycarbonate sheets in the following thickness options:

  • 2mm

  • 3mm

  • 4mm

  • 5mm

  • 6mm

  • 8mm

  • 10mm

  • 12mm


For exceptional performance and longevity, consider investing in our low-cost Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, known for its exceptional durability and suitability across various industries.

Key Advantages:

Manufactured by reputable brands such as Storm and Palram, our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is designed to meet a diverse range of domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Its key benefits include:

  1. Vandal-Proof: Resistant to damage from vandalism.

  2. Tough: Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, including bomb blasts.

  3. Shatterproof: Eliminates the risk of shattered glass.

  4. Temperature Resistant: Suitable for use in both hot and cold environments.

  5. Soundproofing: Provides excellent soundproofing properties.

  6. Versatile Usage: Suitable for both external and internal applications.

  7. High Light Transmission: Crystal clear with impressive light transmission.

  8. Lightweight: Lighter than traditional glass.

  9. Flexible: Thinner sheets can be curved and vacuum-formed.

  10. UV Protection: Offers UV protection on both sides.


Applications for this range include vision panels, machine guards, safety glazing, balcony screens, secondary glazing, lighting covers, plant and machinery glazing, barrel vaults, covered walkways, shelters, canopies, protective over-glazing for stained glass, maps and other displays, as well as boat windscreens.

We highly recommend the use of solid polycarbonate sheet if you are seeking a lightweight, manageable alternative to glass that enhances safety. It reduces risks associated with traditional glazing, making it a valuable asset in high-risk environments such as leisure facilities and premises storing high-value assets. This product line is favored by partners in construction, sign manufacturing, and homeowners alike. Additionally, it offers soundproofing benefits and can

potentially lower insurance costs in specific settings.


We maintain substantial stocks of solid polycarbonate sheets to accommodate orders of all sizes. When placing an order, please use the drop-down menu on our product page to select the desired size and quantity.

Why Choose Clear Polycarbonate From Us?

Our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet range is designed to deliver exceptional value for your investment, combining long-lasting performance with aesthetically pleasing finishes. With a decade of experience supplying solid polycarbonate sheet, we are committed to providing robust, cost-effective safety solutions.

When you order from us, you can expect prompt service. We dispatch solid polycarbonate sheets daily and deliver throughout the UK, typically within 1 to 3 working days. In addition to swift delivery, you'll benefit from competitive pricing and exceptional products.

Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting you. We offer industry-leading, free technical advice to ensure you select the right product for your project. For friendly and helpful support, you can contact us online or reach out to our customer service team.

We regularly compare our solid polycarbonate sheet prices with competitors to ensure you receive the best value. Our Price Promise Guarantee guarantees that if you find the same solid polycarbonate sheet at a lower price elsewhere online, we will match it. We are committed to providing an outstanding buying experience and go the extra mile to deliver exceptional value.

With our extensive stock of solid polycarbonate sheets and a commitment to quality, we excel in every aspect of product delivery. Browse our range of Solid Polycarbonate Sheets and experience the unmatched strength that can transform your perception of safety glazing.

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