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Brown Deepflow Gutter & Fittings


On Roofline, Roomline & External Cladding


We stock ONLY high quality plastics


Our customer support is second to none

Characteristics of Brown Deepflow Guttering

Brown deepflow gutters and their fittings provide both functional water management and aesthetic appeal, especially for homes and buildings that favour a more traditional or rustic look. Here are the characteristics of brown deepflow gutters and their associated fittings:

Brown Deepflow Gutter 4m.jpg

Brown Deepflow Gutter 4m

Brown Deepflow Fascia Bracket.jpg

Brown Deepflow Fascia Bracket

Brown Deepflow Union.jpg

Brown Deepflow Union

Brown Deepflow Running Outlet.jpg

Brown Deepflow Running Outlet

Brown Deepflow Internal Stop End.jpg

Brown Deepflow Internal Stop End

Brown Deepflow External Stop End.jpg

Brown Deepflow External Stop End

Brown Deepflow 90 Degree Angle.jpg

Brown Deepflow 90 Degree Angle

Brown Deepflow 135 Degree Angle.jpg

Brown Deepflow 135 Degree Angle

  1. Increased Capacity: Brown deepflow gutters, like all deepflow variants, have a design with a deeper profile. This design allows them to manage a greater volume of water, making them ideal for areas with higher rainfall or larger roof areas.

  2. Colour: The brown finish is often chosen for its traditional appearance. It can complement brick exteriors, wooden facades, or any setting where a natural or rustic aesthetic is desired.

  3. Material: Typically made of plastic (often PVC), brown deepflow gutters can also be available in materials like aluminium, cast iron, or steel. PVC is a common choice because of its corrosion resistance, light weight, and ease of installation.

  4. Compatibility: Fittings designed for deepflow gutters, such as connectors, brackets, stop ends, and downspouts, are specifically tailored for the deeper profile. They ensure a secure fit and efficient water flow.

  5. Durability: Quality brown deepflow gutters are UV stabilized to resist fading and brittleness from sun exposure. Additionally, the colour brown can often hide signs of aging and discoloration better than lighter colours.

  6. Ease of Installation: Many brown deepflow gutter systems come with features that simplify installation, like a snap or "click" system, rubberized seals, and adjustable brackets.

  7. Maintenance: Brown gutters can be forgiving in terms of visible dirt and debris. Nonetheless, regular cleaning to remove obstructions and maintain efficient water flow is essential.

  8. Aesthetics: Brown gutters blend well with natural surroundings and are often chosen for homes with a more traditional or country-style aesthetic. They can provide a harmonious look, especially with brick or wood exteriors.

  9. Cost: The pricing for brown deepflow gutters is generally in line with other coloured deepflow gutters. Costs might vary based on brand reputation, material quality, and additional features.

  10. Environmental Considerations: Many modern brown deepflow gutters, especially those made of PVC, are recyclable, which reduces their environmental impact at the end of their lifespan.

  11. Matching Components: Many manufacturers offer other exterior components, like fascias, soffits, or cladding, in matching brown shades, ensuring a consistent look across the building.


When selecting brown deepflow gutters and fittings, it's beneficial to source components from the same manufacturer or range to guarantee a consistent colour shade and optimal fit during installation.

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